Uses for our Designer Ribbon!

We received our GORGEOUS designer ribbons this week-the first time we’ve carried non-elastic ribbon on the store.

Its so beautiful I can hardly stand it. I originally was just going to carry Amy Butler-I’ve loved her fabrics for a hundred eleventy billion years. Her designs speak to me in a way many others don’t.  When I discovered she created ribbon I literally squeed with joy (that’s just a really high excited girly giggle if you don’t know).  Once I got around to ordering though I realized there were some other designers I kind of loved too-so we ended up with a little bit of Tula Pink and Jane Sassaman as well!


I thought it might be useful not only to post all the ribbons here, but to give you an idea of the crafts you can make with them. I found some wonderful tutorials on an awesome site called Sew4Home.  You gals should head over there immediately and check them out-they have so so SSOOOOO much good information! Before I go too far down the tutorials path though, here’s a peek at the ribbons that arrived.








Originally I began searching for ribbons to carry because its our number one request. Its the only thing we don’t carry in the shop that we’re asked for every day. Finally I decided we’d branch out into ribbon-but just designer ribbon. We’re literally across a small street from a Hobby Lobby and only a mile from JoAnn Fabrics, it just didn’t make sense to carry regular old grosgrain and items you could get at those stores.

The ribbons arrived yesterday which was incidentally our very first monthly Stitch*N*Bitch night at the office. We had five or six visitors and one decided to use the new ribbons to make a headband. I’m in love!


It just came out to be so darling! We’ll do a tutorial of our own soon for the many uses of this beautiful ribbon. A few of the other uses I was thinking of are:

  • Headband
  • Belt
  • Key Fob
  • Camera Strap
  • Wristlet
  • Wrist Cuff
  • Ribbon Wallet
  • Table Runner or Placemats
  • Accent a Pillow
  • Eyeglasses Case (trim)

Y’all the possibilities are endless!  I’m going to try a camera strap later this week so I’ll do up a tutorial if I can! It may or may not be uber successful so we’ll see how it looks first 🙂


That’s the add for Sew4Homes beautiful ribbon wallets. Find the actual tutorial here and please show their site some love!

Here’s another of their ads/tutorials for an eyeglasses case utilizing this stellar ribbon:


This last one I’m planning to try ASAP. Key Fobs y’all!!!!

key fob

That’s all for now-tonight is our office Holiday Party so I’ll be sure to fill you all in on the fun and crazy tomorrow 🙂


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