Thursday fun!

Hello hello! Lisa Loodles here to give y’all some exciting product updates and such! The first thing I want to tell y’all about is our newest addition….. SLIDERS!!!


I mean….. just LOOK at ’em! They are so durn cute!! We have footballs, basketballs, snowmen, reindeer and lil’ bitty Christmas trees!! ADORBS!! You can find them here!!!




We now have all our Halloween and Christmas products in clearance!! Check here for all the great deals on our holiday stuff!


We just got the following items restocked!!

Chiffon Pearl Flowers in Ivory, Red, Gray, White, and Seafoam!

Cluster Beaded Flowers- Green with Red Center (new) and Red

Buttons: Red with red/green jewels, Blue Gray Pearl, Mustard Pearl, Vintage Red, Vintage Clear Pearl Ferris Wheel and Bubblegum Pearl!
Candy Cane Resins!
Padded Christmas Trees appliques!
Black and Red Large Mice appliques!!


Just a reminder….. we will be having our first ever “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” next Monday, Dec 9th at 5-8 pm here in the store!! Bring your projects and any snacks/beverages and hang out with us!! We are also offering a special class on Dec. 11th- learn how to make a clip-on Dino tail!! To sign up for any of our classes you can call us here at 303-741-2792 or email! We are always open to suggestions for future classes!

That’s it for now… thanks for joining us!! We are working hard this week!  And goodness, it is SOOOOOOOO cold out!!



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