An Upside Down Tree and Some New Desserts-GAH!

Happy Holidays ya’ll! Anna Mack here-we put on Christmas tunes for the first time today and I’m finally getting into the season. We’ve just been so busy that I haven’t even decorated at the house. Not a shred of mistletoe or a string of garland to be seen. Once I do get around to it I will definitely do a post-our Christmas decor is over the top (as in its all totally neon).

First things first-today is the LAST DAY to use code BLKFRI on our website for 25% off the entire durn store. TODAY’S THE DAY FOLKS!

I went home for Thanksgiving this year and had SUCH a good time! It was so nice to spend time with my family.  I DO have a funny story-apparently as a mother when your kids have been gone a while its sad you don’t get to do their laundry anymore.  So when I tried to fold my laundry at my mom’s house she literally THREW herself on top of it so I couldn’t get to it, and proceeded to fold it all-grinning ear to ear.  Haha it was so funny and I did actually snap a picture of her on the laundry. Maybe some moms of other grown kids can sympathize here?!

mom laundry

Moving on ha.  We had a wonderful dinner at a swanky steakhouse back home called The Angus Barn. It was so much fun! I snapped a few pics because they do a crazy good Upside Down Christmas Tree. Its literally about 25 feet tall. Their decorations are amazing and people come from all over North Carolina just to see them.


dad jay


Isn’t that an amazing collection of nutcrackers?!?!


I’m drying to try to sew something like this for our mantle-I think its so darling but unfortunately they had no tags and weren’t for sale :/


I mean look at this durn tree!!! It goes all the way up to the ceiling of the second story. I must have had a look on my face because when I turned to look at Jason he said “don’t even think about it honey!” ;0) He knows me too well.

upside down tree

And of course my trips would never be complete without crafts. If you didn’t get a chance to check out my southern flea market post then you’re missing out! ;0) As it turns out my friend Denny is ridiculously crafty and I never knew it. He wanted to purchase a white faux taxidermy head but didn’t love the price at West Elm where he originally saw it. He decided to make one himself and y’all this thing is floral foam and paper mache!!!! So amazing.


As it turns out we had a slight mix-up with Denny about the desserts and so he brought four, and we had five. And then there were nine (they didn’t fit on the table and I ate two by myself).


Happy holidays y’all!!!! Tomorrow we have a super fun blog post about some new products, and a general update of things to arrive :0)


One thought on “An Upside Down Tree and Some New Desserts-GAH!

  1. Loved reading this! So happy your time at home was fun 🙂 Your mom cracks me up! If you and Jason tackle the upside down Christmas tree, I want to hear all about it! You guys can do anything you put your minds to! Love you! Jill

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