Happy Turkey Day!!

Hey y’all, it’s Lisa Loodles back to give you a quick update on what’s up here at Fleuriste!! Hope everyone is ready for Turkey day! I know I am…. I’ve been thinking a lot about turkey…. and stuffing…. and rolls and cranberry sauce and gravy and green beans and my brother in law’s AMAZING lemon-apple pie…. oh my, I better stop. Let’s just say I can’t wait! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday…. just family, good food, good times… and thoughtful contemplation of gratitude.

So here’s the scoop on our products!! We did receive the shipment of solid fold over last night. They all look gorgeous, especially the new colors!! Check out the new denim and mustard!!



And…. at long last!!! They have arrived!! Our NEW REVERSIBLE HOLIDAY ELASTICS!!!!!

Check out the pics below! These elastics are so amazingly soft and of great quality!! You can find them on our holiday page here!! We expect these to sell out really fast!



I just think they are ADORABLE!!

So if there’s anyone is reading this who hasn’t signed up for our newsletter….. whatcha waitin’ for? We will be sending out a special coupon code for Black Friday tomorrow, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so on our home page or by emailing us at hello@fleuristesupplies.com!!

That’s all from me for now…. we hope that everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!! Talk to y’all next week!!


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