Product Updates & A Little Inspiration

Hey guys and dolls! Anna Mack here with a Monday product update.  We have (shockingly) a bundle of products still due to arrive. I’m hopeful they’ll all be here so I can get them on the WWW site ASAP in time for BLACK FRIDAY! Here’s kind of the rundown of what’s being restocked that I expect to actually arrive this week:

  • *Metallic FOE Black with Gold Dots (all other out of stock are in production and should be ready to ship to us sometime next week, but they won’t be here in time for the big sale, sorry :(:( )
  • Mouse appliques, all christmas appliques, vintage christmas buttons, pearl christmas buttons, pearl centered buttons in out of stock colors, Cluster Beaded christmas-colored flowers
  • Solid FOE in azalea, cherry, medium turquoise, purple, palest violet, fuchsia, bubblegum, light chocolate, regal purple, light pink, dark hot pink, shocking hot pink, mustard, denim, daiquiri ice and three christmas REVERSIBLE FOEs!!! That’s a new product but I’m so durn (BLACK AND WHITE FOE were RESTOCKED LAST WEEK!)


We also have a number of new products either in production or due to arrive shortly after Thanksgiving.

  • Holiday sliders (reindeer, stocking, candy cane etc) and also Sports Sliders (football, basketball and I think soccer too!)
  • Amy Butler ribbons. Y’all I’m so freaking excited! She has a link here where you can download tutorials for how to use them. We’ll also do a bunch of tutorials as soon as we get them. Here are a few pics to really entice you:

amy butler headband

amy butler ribbon bag

amy butler ribbon bracelet

renaissance ribbons

ribbons as a bag(All photos courtesy of the Amy Butler website-we’re just using them since we carry them in our shop! Don’t use them for your own purposes without getting permission from her!)

We’re also hoping to reorder the studded FOE this week-I need input on colors however! I was thinking:

  • Hot Pink
  • Red
  • Baby Pink
  • White
  • Kelly Green
  • Black

Any other requests you guys?????

I’ll be sending out Black Friday codes on WEDNESDAY so that you guys can use them ASAP on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Holler at us at with any questions you have on that promotion!

Now to leave you with a few beautiful christmas images from our partner Little Diamond Models.

_DSC0423 copy

Don’t worry y’all the Padded Trees will be back any day now!

_DSC0511 copy

Gobble Gobble and I’m Out!



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