Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card Holders — Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone!!  Today, as promised, I am going to show you guys what I decided to do for place card settings for Thanksgiving.  Yes, that holiday is only 6 days away now!!!  I couldn’t be more excited to host!!  I have hunted up a HUGE 22.6 pound turkey to feed only 11 people.  My husband says I am not allowed to name him but my turkey is happily relaxing in the fridge prepping for his big debut!  We are big eaters and I am eagerly awaiting some leftovers for Turkey Soup, Turkey Sammiches, Turkey Pot Pie, Turkey…. well EVERYTHING!


Isn’t it cute and sparkly?!?!  I love them.  I ran out to my neighborhood hobby store and picked up two bags of glittered pine cones.  Of course you could use frosted pine cones or even the pine cones from your tree outside!!  The “feathers” are our Glitter Leaf Appliques in Yellow, Orange, Caramel, Brown and Cranberry.

So let’s get started!!  Make sure you have your glue gun FIRED UP!!


When I started with each pine cone I rolled it about a bit trying to find which “side” it sat the most level on.  I guess I am a bit OCD that way.  Then before I glue, I stuck each leaf into the pine cone to see where they sit and get a game plan.  Again, OCD…

I add a small amount of glue (high temp) to the stem of the leaf.


Then I stick that cute little leaf in where I want it!


I started on the outside and worked my way in so I got a lovely layer effect.


Then instead of putting the middle leaf in, I went to the other side to keep the layer effect going!


And then the next one.


Then I add on the middle one so that leaf sits right in front!


I found as I went through the different 11 pine cones that I had to get a bit creative with my gluing.  Sometimes I had to add glue to the front of the leaf instead depending on where the scales of the cone were (yes I had to look up what those little things were called!).


And here they all are!!  My small, glittering Turkey Place Card Army…


For the name cards, I just printed each name up on a business card!  Super simple!  The best part was how quick they were to make!  Aside from the explosion of glitter all over my house (much to my husband’s dismay) it was a really fun project!!!

Speaking of fun projects!  My awesome co-worker Sharyle makes cards in her spare time!  Her beautiful cards are all by hand and she helped me out by making the invites to my Cookie Exchange Party!!!


Oh boy are they cute!!!  I can’t wait, but that’s after Thanksgiving and I need to keep my head in this holiday first!  My Sister-in-Law has been helping me put together the decorations for the kids table (theirs is way more fun!) and I have been debating that with all the food on the table the less decor I have to get in the way of the FOOD might be better.  But that’s still a debate unsettled…

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!  Happy Crafting!!



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