A Saturday Update-Southern Style Flea Markets and More

Y’all I love coming home. I love the seafood, I love the manners, I love the accents-I love (nearly) everything about The South.  I miss it so much although I’ve always loved Denver too.  There’s just something about coming home and seeing my mama that warms the heart.

I come from a craft family so I thought you guys might like to see a few of the handmade projects she has going on!


This is the current yarn pile which will eventually be turned into more beautiful quilts like this one:


She also took some time last year to use a really funky yarn and wrap some star shapes.  They came out SO COOL and now adorn our mantle at home.

star ornament

I mean how cute is that you guys?!?!

Apart from enjoying holiday crafts my mom and I both paint as well. I haven’t had a ton of time lately but I do love it. Here was my first ever attempt:


And here was Mama’s:


I’m realizing now it really looks like we have a thing for birds bahahaha! I’ll tell you what I really do actually love though-FLEA MARKETS. I swear we have one in Colorado and its pretty much just a place to sell your used CDs. Not so in the south.  We had a great time out there today!

The furniture at a southern flea market is. to. die. for.


I also found a super fun tiki mug set for our camper. If you haven’t heard about the beginning of our camper re-do you can check this post out. The details are all there!


Love them! Now if someone will just accept one of our lowball camper offers we’ll really be in good shape ;0)

We also discovered some really fun home accessory shops.



I actually PURCHASED a couple of these lovelies too:


The beer opener on the left is going right up in the trailer-the one on the right…..not sure.  I just loved that they actually cussed right there on a piece of metal, so I bought it. Maybe we’ll put it up in the Clearance Corner at work?!?! ;0)

Just a little more detail.

funny haha

I also got a darling shirt y’all! Its a North Carolina outline and I’m super stoked. The flea market has a section indoors where permanent vendors can set up.  There was a super fun store called the Doodling Bug (where I purchased this awesome shirt). You can find them on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram! Their website is here, please show them some love!

NC Shirt

My final purchase was a total surprise. Mama found this CRAZAYYYY old lime green blanket-literally still in the original packaging. We walked up to the gal and she literally said “Mah husbunnddd left me here in this freezing cold and I’m so mad! Five dollars and that blanket there is yours!”.  I’m not sure if I was in more shock about the cost or the reason why that was the cost-either way I wasn’t arguin’!  I grabbed five bucks from MY husbunnnnddd and now I own this little piece of history (before you worry for my sanity, its going in our crazy tiki trailer).

weird blanket

crazy blanket

Its a totally insane color y’all.

One last look!


OK now on a more serious note-Black Friday.

black friday

If you placed an order over $40 on the WWW site between about two weeks ago and Black Friday we’ll email you an EXTRA SPECIAL code for Black Friday that’s our very best best deal of all time.  I won’t announce that code on Facebook although we will announce a Black Friday deal for all other folks.  But not to worry if you didn’t place a $40 order during that time-the regular Black Friday deal will still be super awesome!!!

OK, Anna Mack out. Y’all enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back Monday with some fun product and model updates!


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