Fabric Flowers Tutorial!

For the YouTube version of this tutorial please click here.

Today I am going to teach you guys how to make one of my new favorite flowers!  This flower is one of the simplest but prettiest flowers to make and can go on anything from a headband to cute decorations around the house!  The best part about making these flowers is picking out the fabric!  Here in the store we have these flowers made out of Christmas fabric and today we decided to make some out of fabric that was more Thanksgiving themed for the holiday next week!  Here are some of the flowers we’ve made!!  Aren’t the gorgeous!??!!


First you want to decide how large you want your flowers to be.  A good rule of thumb for this flower is however big you cut out the original circles is how big the flower will be in the end.  In the shop we use the inside of a masking tape to trace out our circles on the fabric.  You will want to cut out 12 circles from your fabric, grab a felt circle for a backer and a fun embellishment for the center – for this flower we used one of our pearl center buttons.


Now each circle will turn into a petal of the flower.  You want to take a circle and fold it in half – hot dog style (you remember that from elementary school?).  Then you want to take it and fold it in half again – hamburger style this time.  The whole goal here is to turn your circle into a quarter the size!  Do this for each circle to create your 12 petals!  I look at these little guys and think they look like a piece of pie!

Now you want to get your felt circle out and put a dab of hot glue on the outside edge of the circle.  Take one of your petals and put the pointy end of the pie piece in the center of your felt circle and press it down!


Now from here you’re going to make your way around the circle adding on petals!  On the bottom layer of the flower you want to put 7 petals down.  Add a dab of glue to the outside of the previous petal.  You want to make sure you don’t add the glue to the middle of your circle because the glue will build up and your embellishment won’t sit right in the center.


Place the next petal on your flower overlapping half of the previous petal.


Continue this all the way around the circle until you have 7 petals down for the bottom layer.  To add the second layer of 5 petals continue adding the petals, starting with the last petal you put down for the bottom layer.  Your flower should now look like this:


Feel free at this point to add some glue here and there to help hold all the lose parts together!  Now all we need to do is add the center embellishment for the final flourish!  If you have a button with a shank on the back slice that off so you have a flat back!


Add some glue to the back of your button, we prefer high temp hot glue!


Place the button right on in the middle of your flower and hold tight so it sets!!!!


Your flower is now complete!! They are so simple and sweet! 

ImageHappy Crafting!



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