Holiday Planning Excitement

Happy Hump Day!!  My name is Salem, one of the Fabulous Fleuriste Girls, and I will be your guest blogger today!!  🙂  


Yes indeed that’s me sporting my Devilish Side for Halloween!!

This time of year it’s almost hard to talk about anything other than the holidays!!  Greeting cards, holiday parties, turkeys, Christmas cookies, centerpieces, ornaments, and so, so much more are all in the forefront of my mind! Halloween kick starts the holiday season and here at Fleuriste we do it with a bang!  


Anna Mack had a wonderful Halloween party! It’s by far and away her favorite holiday and it showed in her AMAZING decorations!!!  From top to bottom the house was decked out in orange, black, spiders and candy!!  


Not only did she have fabulous decor but she made TO DIE FOR food!!!  She cooked up amazing arepas, pumpkin poop (pumpkin doughnuts), moldy ring worms (tortellini pasta salad), and had a fabulous candy bar.  The Fabulous Fleuriste Girls couldn’t resist joining in the fun and we chipped in our own bizarre contributions, including cheddar brains (queso dip) and troll eyeballs (mozzarella stuff olive balls)!!


The spread was amazing and by the end of it even the dog could do nothing more than curl up for a snooze!


Of course the next major holiday is one of my personal favorites: Thanksgiving!!  I am such a foody I can’t resist a whole holiday that revolves around the two best things in the world: Food and Family!  This year I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in our new home and I am so excited to push my kitchen to the limit!  If you’re like me and hosting you’ve probably already started researching top notch recipes!  I have my menu all sorted out and have turned my attention to turkey decorations!!  

From Thanksgiving we move on to the happiest time of the year and being the overachiever I am, I have also already started to plan my Christmas Party!!  I am super excited to host my first (hopefully) annual Christmas Cookie Swap and White Elephant Party.  Can you tell I am super excited for these two holidays!?!?!   I have been really inspired by one of our newest handmade products: Christmas Fabric Flowers.  (They are currently on sale at our website!  Just click the link to check them out!!)  As cute as they would be on headbands I am thinking they could be super cute as ornaments on the tree!!


In the next week I will show you guys what I have come up with for centerpieces and other fun decor for Thanksgiving!  It is my current project for the weekend!  Here in Colorful Colorado we are supposed to get our first snow storm on Sunday (FINALLY) and there isn’t a better way to spend those days than crafting by the fireplace and watching our Brilliant Broncos play.  I have a ton more ideas for Christmas decor but working with these Fabulous Fleurieste Girls it’s hard not to leave work inspired to make something unbelievably adorable!! I know I won’t come close to being as fabulously creative as Ms Anna Mack but I am going to give it my best go!

Happy Crafting!!!!


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