Hark the Herald….I mean Happy Halloween?

Y’all I just love the holidays so much.  I have a blast decorating for Halloween and in fact I’ve already got the house almost totally ready for my annual Halloween party. But then when I’m in the office looking at our Christmas trims I just think I can’t stand it-when do I get to bust out the Pine Scented Candles?!

We recently added a few new products for the holidays. We also got back some headband photos from Little Diamond Models. They’re just DARLING! I feel like I say that every time but srsly y’all if you haven’t used their service get to it.


I love this new button style so much. We used it to create a new Shabby Pearl Flower.

DSC_0555Aren’t they so cute?!?! I imagine them not only being darling on a headband or maternity sash but even on a christmas jacket or scarf.

We also added some new solid colors of Shabby Pearl Flowers:

DSC_0558If you’re more into making the actual flowers yourself there’s a tutorial on the site that’s super easy.

LOVE the Fuchsia and Violet.  I got a hat at REI a few weeks ago that I am going to stick one of these babies on. Can’t wait! We’ve also added a bunch of new FREE tutorials to the site. There are 6 or 7 of them and you can add them to any order totally free. They’re all one page so they’re pretty simple. Here’s the most recent one:

DSC_0511Get the free tutorial here.

Now a few model photos to really jazz you up and get you ready!




Are you guys doing anything amazing for Halloween? Christmas? I love to hear what our customers are all about. This was just a short lil post today but I’ll be back later this week to tackle heavier issues ha!


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