Announcements & Product Updates

Happy Monday y’all! Can you even believe its the first week of September? We’re fully geared up for the holidays over here and I’m so excited-this is the first year we’ve carried so much cool stuff and I can’t wait to see what you gals do with all of it :0)

I have a few announcements and product updates for ya-WAY too much to put on the Facebook page so I figured a blog post was best.  Just to get you pumped up check out this darling pic we just got back from Little Diamond Models:


What a doll! They used our 3/8″ Denim Glitter Elastic, a single Denim Shabby Rosette and a Light Pink Teddybear applique-love it!

OK let’s knock out some product updates first:

  • Metallic FOEs shipped last week-I expect them in this week unless they get held up in customs or some other crazy nonsense.
  • SOLID Shabby Rose Trim is restocked (full yards, half yards, single rosettes) in black, white, charcoal, red, bright orange, hot pink and baby pink
  • Striped Christmas glitter is in production and due to ship end of this month if not a smidge sooner
  • 1/8″ elastic in a BOATLOAD of new colors will be shipping next week as well. We’ve switched ALL 1/8″ elastic to a new supplier after a couple weird orders with quality and smell issues. All figured out now and this new 1/8″ will be available by the yard, by the headband and by the roll as well! A 200 yard roll will now be $40 (regular price would be $50) so this will be a great way to stock up on popular colors!
  • We have some amazing new flowers on the way for ya including Silk & Organza Fluffs in chevron patterns for Christmas, Christmas ballerina flowers, Mini Tulle & Pearl Flowers and Chevron Chiffon Pearl Flowers. I literally cannot wait, I’m so excited to see it all!
  • AS ALWAYS if there’s something we don’t carry that you’d like us to, shoot me an email to I’m happy to try to add it to our lineup if I can!


In addition to the products above, our striped and two tone Halloween glitter is all here-arrived early last week. Its AH-MAZING! Check it out on our website.

Finally a discounting announcement as well. In the past we’ve offered wholesale pricing via our website for carts with a minimum amount of eligible items. What we’ve realized over time is that this helps people buying flowers, trims and appliques but not elastic.  You could submit a large elastic order and not qualify at all if you aren’t purchasing full rolls. We’ve made a few changes to that:

  • The site STILL automatically updates your cart with 20% off if you add enough eligible items to it-that won’t change
  • In addition you can now enter code OVER100 for all carts over $100 to get an additional 10% off your cart (whether you were eligible for wholesale or not)
  • For carts over $200 you can enter code OVER200 for 15% off the whole order
  • A new drop down notification will tell you how close you are to the first $100 minimum, and it includes the code as well-a great reminder to use it!

We hope this change will help those folks who place large orders to get some well-deserved discounts on our site. We recently asked for feedback via our facebook page about why you guys (sometimes ;0)) shop elsewhere. Can we be doing anything better?


We got a ton of great suggestions and I wanted to address them each individually.  Here is a list of the most common comments we got:

  • Out of Stock-Sometimes we run out of popular items-I’ll say that inventory is a constant struggle with an Etsy shop AND a WWW shop. Also guessing how much you’ll need of something for a specific holiday is touch and go. That being said a good friend of mine is working to build us an inventory database that will send me a weekly email letting me know what’s running low, and how soon it’ll run out based on sales history. I think that will get us A LOT closer to being 100% in stock all the time.
  • Pricing-We unfortunately can’t guess when any of our competitors will be doing sales, but we do our own from time to time. I’m also hoping the new wholesale/discounting structure will help to ensure our prices are the very best they can be for you guys.
  • Shipping-Shipping on the new website is literally pulled directly from USPS and FedEx.  What this means is what you’re charged is EXACTLY the shipping price they charge us. Now the only kicker here is we have to manually enter weights and many of our items are portions of an ounce. Our internal side of the website only deals in pounds so getting an accurate weight for small items can be tricky. We’re constantly tweaking weights as we go (up or down depending on what we see).  But until that’s a totally perfect situation we will ALWAYS refund shipping overages if there’s more than $1 difference. I do refunds weekly so you’ll see that typically within a week or so of us shipping your order. If you think your shipping seemed high and want to double check-please email me at and I will personally look into it for you.
  • Not Carrying a Product-I suppose all suppliers can’t be everything to everyone haha, but that being said I’m always open to new products! If there’s something you’d love to buy from us that we don’t carry-let me know! Post it on the fanpage, email it to me, heck soon you’ll even be able to tweet with us (is that even possible?) We’re getting Twitter this week :0)

OK y’all one last announcement and I swear that’s it!——————————————>

deal of the day

One comment that surprised me on the fanpage was that many of our competitors do Deal of the Day or Deal of the Week posts. We did that in August just to get you guys excited for the holidays-but I can happily continue it! I created a Deal of the Day section on the website this weekend. Our first deal is for the Larger Chevron Ballerina flowers. I’ll continue to update them during the week so please check here for our Daily Deals.


Over and Out y’all!



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