Basement Office Upgrade-Phase One

You guys-since we moved Fleuriste out of my basement I haven’t had an office. It sounds so crazy but seriously-THIS is my office:

basement 3Its sad-I know.  There’s my life right there haha. So for my birthday last week Jason suggested we build a small home office at the bottom of our basement stairs. Its already nice and redone because it was originally the Fleuriste office.  Here’s what we are workin’ with.

basement 2My mama already sent me this awesome chair for my birthday-love it so much! Thank you Amazon!

basement 1We went to Ikea and purchased a few items-our goal was not to spend a zillion dollars on this office.  Got to love putting it all together yourself. Of course it helps when you have some little helpers.

blog 7

blog 6Thankfully I have the handiest husband on the planet-love you babycakes!

blog 1blog pic 6The dogs continued to help as well ;0)

blog 4

blog 3Ha! Little stinkers :0) Jason helped me pick out a few of the pre-fab boxes from Ikea to go in the bookshelf. Not everything looks great OUT on the desk, so my extra notebooks and little papers will go in those.  I’ll do a fun post on decorating the office but I think it turned out great!

What do you guys and gals do for home offices? I need a little decorating inspiration!

blog 2

blog pic 4

blog pic 3

And one last final look once we added the Ikea desk addition-love it so much!

blog pic 2


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