Basic Flower Headband Tutorial

I get a boatload of questions about how to attach flowers and embellishments to clips and headbands. I’ve been doing it so long I forget there was even a time I didn’t know! So I thought a Basic Headband tutorial might be in order 🙂

This is what we’re going to be making today:


If you already know how to make basic headbands feel free to skip this tutorial 🙂

Now here’s what you need:

1 Rhinestone Centered Flower

1 Satin Headband

1 Felt Circle (these can be purchased on Etsy or even just cut from felt you’ve got at home)


Now what you’ll want to do is glue a stripe of glue down one side of the headband-make sure its far enough down that your flower isn’t going to end up right on top of the wearer’s head.


Now just slap that flower right on top of that glue, make sure its centered-and you’re nearly done!


Now grab your felt. It doesn’t actually have to be a circle, a square or rectangle is totally fine as well. Or really whatever shape you want! You just want it to cover the very middle of the flower. You don’t typically want to cut it the whole width of the flower on a light and airy flower like this because it’ll hold down the bottom petals-but the top ones will still try to stick up. The end result will be less than pleasing-so small felt is the way to go!


Place a few stripes of glue on the circle and then attach over top of the headband/flower like so:


And you are literally done. I bet that only took you two minutes! ;0) As always thank you for reading our tutorials-enjoy but please don’t copy or use our photographs in any way.


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