Timeline of Products Due to Arrive

Hey y’all! I’m getting so many emails right now about various products being out of stock-I’m so sorry to even BE out of stock of so many! What basically happened is our suppliers shut down for Chinese New Year (the ones located there anyways). That means the whole month of February they take orders but don’t process them and don’t really respond to or check email. So everything we ordered end of January and throughout February just started being processed now.

We’ve got a few shipments that just arrived this week (restocked super min silk/organza fluffs, rhinestone flowers, sequin centered flowers, XL and mini chiffon bows, XL sequin bows, Mini Tulle & Pearl Flowers, Shabby Shredded Lace Flowers and Mini Bow Trim).

fluff headband5

We have a BOATLOAD of stuff either in production or shipped already. Here’s the rundown:

1) Shipped Saturday and due to arrive end of this week (or maybe early next depending on backlog at customs) we have ALL colors of glitter elastic to be restocked plus six NEW colors of the Frosted Collection-love it! Here’s a headband we made with the Shocking Hot Pink, just to tease ya.

rosette headband52) In process and due to be done in the next 3 weeks or so are Chevrons in Electric Blue, Charcoal Gray, Aqua, Lime, Tangerine Orange, Yellow and Purple/Gold; Polka Dot Print Red with White and Royal Polka Dots; Mustache Elastic, and a Royal Blue Elastic with Gold Stars. For solid FOE colors we have Sand, Kelly, Lavender, Aluminum, Baby Blue, Neon Green, Rose Pink, Shocking Hot Pink, Dark Hot Pink, Sunny Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Dark Neon Pink, Bubblegum, Neon Orange, Lavender, Watermelon, Turquoise and Light Gray in process PHEW! We placed such big orders that they’re going to ship them on a rolling basis as they’re done processing-but it will likely be end of April before they’re all totally and completely here! As always I’ll announce on the fanpage

3)1/8″ elastic in baby pink and neon green is due to arrive any day now. In process we have turquoise blue, neon orange, sunny yellow and hershey as well as polka dot glitter in hot pink dot, lavender dot, hershey dot, light pink dot, aqua dot and lime dot.

4) Shipped and due to arrive next week are Polka Dot Bow Headbands, all buttons that are currently out of stock, Petite Shabby Trim restocked and in 10 new colors and glitter top hats.

Phew! We are SO busy over here trying to restock so you guys can count on us.

fluff flower

We’ll keep doing our best as always! Pardon the being out of stuff, I swear I ordered so much prepping for that holiday and we ran out anyhow 😦 I’ll keep updating the site as often as I can when items arrive 🙂



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