New Stuff-Woohoo!

I KNOW I KNOW you guys are waiting on the chevrons! I wish I could force them here more quickly. But its Wednesday and they’ll be here Friday so literally they are basically here already 😉 At least I have lots of other fun new arrivals for ya!

DSC_0076Got lots of new colors of our petite shabby trim today. I just love the new colors! If you can’t think of a reason to use them we did a whole tutorial on them here.  Here’s what we did with them again:


We also added the Mocha Dots shabby trim as well which I just love!


We also got in a ton of new patterns of our shabby shredded lace flowers! Love ’em!


We also got some new Kanzashi flower clips for the Boutique Wholesale part of the site. You can find lots of cute things there to resell in your own shops!


They’re so darling! They measure only about 2.5″ in diameter and the cost is $3.35. Find them here on the site.  Once Friday comes I promise I’ll have a ton of fun new things for you guys!


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