Shabby Pearl Flower Tutorial

Our shabby pearl flower came to me one day as I was pondering our mini shabby bow trim. I had been thinking about various options of what could be done with it. Eventually I thought of this:


My thinking was its a great way to use up those bows in kind of an unusual way. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to make this flower and hopefully it’ll spark a little inspiration in your own brain!

Here’s what you need to collect to complete this project:

DSC_0072Its pretty simple. You need a 1.5″ felt circle, glue and glue gun, three mini shabby bows, scissors and a button. We attached ours to a foldover headband but you could certainly attach it to a brooch, sash or several other options.

First you’ll want to cut each of the shabby bows in half like this:


Once that’s done place your first bow-half with a dot of glue on the felt circle like so:


You may want to position it properly before glueing 🙂 Move around the circle until you reach the other side again and have a full flower with no center. You’ll use five half-bows (two and a half full bows prior to cutting them).


Pop your button flower center right in the middle and you have a product ready to go! It really could NOT be more simple! I love this little tutorial. We actually did the same thing with our Petite Shabby Rose Trim and I think they came out just darling!




You can find all of the supplies needed to make these flowers here on our site. I also linked to them throughout the post as well-enjoy!


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