Well, Its Been A While

In case you guys haven’t noticed (ha) its been since CINCO de MAYO that I wrote a blog post. Good lord!! I completely blame it on my inability to think leading up the wedding. Once we get the official pics back I will do a big post on how we used our own supplies, and other Etsy goods, Β on our big day. In the mean time I thought you guys might enjoy a post with the photos I DO have! I always love looking at other peoples’ wedding photos πŸ™‚ Β If you DON’T, feel free to skip this post.

We got married June 16th in Turks & Caicos, and we shut down the Etsy shop during that time. We scrambled like crazy to get everything done but it was so worth it once we arrived on the island! I spent the first couple days taking pictures of everything I could. I knew it would be a while until we got the official photos back.

All the jewelry came from various different Etsy shops, so much fun! We Etsy’d it up as much as we could! We made it through the Rehearsal Dinner:

Several people may have been over served on the rum punches and fallen in the water getting off the cruise.

We conga lined at the rehearsal and the brothers gave some awesome speeches. I didn’t cry though, thank God.

The day of the wedding started out as a torrential downpour but cleared up by the time we headed to the beach.

That’s it for now folks! I thought you guys might enjoy seeing how it all went. I’ve gotten so many lovely emails and convos with well wishes. THANK YOU!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Well, Its Been A While

  1. So happy for you. Love looking at all of the pictures. Keep them coming. I’ll look at as many as you want to post. Such a beautiful wedding. The island looks gorgeous. Makes me want to pack my bags and catch the first plane out.

  2. Wow, looks like an awesome place for a wedding. You were gorgeous, love all your Etsy finds to make your day extra special. Congrats and hope you have a wonderful life together.

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