Fun New Uses for our Products

My Denver bridal shower was this weekend, and let me tell you-those girls know how to have fun. Because the Kentucky Derby is coming up soon, the hostess decided that everyone should bring an “over the top” hat. Β My mom even flew out from North Carolina for it, so naturally I waited for her to create a hat on Friday, so we could do it together. I already knew I could create something really fun from all of our hats and elastics. I even bought her a little cap at Target to decorate.

But she had other things in mind. This is how the conversation went:

Mom: “Oh! There’s the Burger King, just pull me through the drivethrough”

Anna: “And what?!”

Mom: “Oh just ask for a crown! They’ll give it right to you”

Anna: “You want me to ask for a crown at the Burger King drive through without actually even ordering anything? We don’t even have any kids in the car!”

Mom: “Oh fine well buy some french fries”.

And that’s what we did. So of all these photos, hers is the one that starts as a Burger King crown. We took a little different view of over the top. We did have an awesome time putting them all together though. I always forget hats as an option to make with our products!

And a whole lot of concern from Bruce as bits and pieces of veiling, trim, and elastic rained down on him. I did find a little stash in his crate later though, so he must have been having fun. Maybe he just ALWAYS looks concerned-it must be the eyeballs.

I thought the final products were actually pretty awesome! I had to make a second hat for a friend, can you tell which 2 I did, and which started as a crown? πŸ˜‰

It was actually a ton of fun! It made me think hat or headband making would be so fun at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, child’s birthday party, Kentucky Derby party…..we really had a blast! Here’s a couple final shots.

Then a couple of action shots:

Happy Monday y’all! Have a lovely, inspired week πŸ™‚


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