Photo Prop Ideas and Some New Product Info

So over the weekend my manly husband dragged me into an antiques store. We were walking to our car when all of a sudden I heard ” Hey, vintage spools! “. I’ve shown you a picture of him right?

Then again he DID have a chihuahua when I met him….so………yeah.

Moving on.

HE decided it was time to mix up our photo props. Its come to my attention that there are some pretty similar photos to mine showing up in other stores around the internet. Granted you can’t really copyright the “style” or “layout” of a photo, but still. Time to shake things up. Here’s the stuff we bought at the vintage store (I managed to steer him away from the mini birds nest, but just barely)

Its a cupcake stand y’all! OMG!

……And the vintage spools, which were $4. I also ended up being on the receiving end of a technical lecture on how a vintage spool rolling machine would have worked twelve million years ago-so I did regain some confidence in hubs’ manliness.

I also have this plate that I use a lot-love it! Its perfect for headbands but I’ve started photo’ing flowers on it as well

Here’s the finished product. I DID just get a new camera lens, I haven’t totally figured out the field of focus yet-but you get the idea!

And the mess I created:

So really you can turn anything into a prop! I hope the first half of this post will give you some ideas for what you can do in your own shop. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have great photos for that first little icon-that’s the ONLY thing encouraging folks to click and take a look!

Now on to some new products. First of all the striped glitter elastic arrived. And it rocked my world. I’ll photo that tomorrow when its sunny again, but here’s a teaser 🙂

And also FYI, when you order a yard each of every color we carry, it looks like this 🙂

New stuff! I didn’t actually get time to list it today but I will definitely list tomorrow.

Zebra-Red-Glitter. What could be more perfect for July 4th coming up?!

Got a bunch of new colors of the 5/8″ Glitter in today! They’re already loaded up on the Regular Website.

Alrighty y’all heading to bed. Enjoy the post and I’ll have another one tomorrow!



7 thoughts on “Photo Prop Ideas and Some New Product Info

  1. OMG, I’m in love, and I have to have some of that striped glitter ribbon. Not to mention that I’ve already started preparing my next order. I love your new props. They look great, and you’re so creative. I really need to start taking better photos. Well you’ll be hearing from me soon.

  2. LOVEEEE the cupcake stand! WOW, I loveeeee ittt, I want it!!! Sell it! lol kidding.

    Not kidding: I love the new buttons…what am I to do??? lol
    Also in love with the hot pink or regular pink zebra puff flower there…totally rocks.

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