The Big Post of Helpful Links

OK so tonight I was doing a little browsing at Barnes & Noble (which by the way has basically turned into a giant apple store that sells Nooks and Nook accessories)….and here’s what I was scopin’ out:

Whenever I need to find info I default immediately to books. Don’t ask me why. Google makes SO much more sense. I think its because I was a librarian in college haha. But in any case I decided to see if they had any books related to selling on Etsy.  Here’s what I found:


Yeah, I said one.  Way to go B&N!  Carly Fiorina (the CEO who basically ran HP into the ground before they kicked her out) was on my local news this morning talking about how small business accounts for almost all job growth. At least she’s right about that :).

I was surprised to not find a single book that had what I was looking for-info on how to actually grow my small Etsy-based business. There were lots of general “so you want to work from home” types—but I already know what I want to do, and I already work at home. What I need is a good “well you took the first step, now you want to be a crafts mogul” type of book 🙂 Well that doesn’t exist apparently.  I realized there are a lot of resources I go to every day that might be useful to you guys. So here’s my big bad book of links-feel free to add any of your own in the comments section!!!!!

ETSY: : Check out the Vault where you can see past front pages (and even get a copy of one you were on, or see if you’ve ever been on one and didn’t notice). Also check out the heartomatic which shows the items in your shop with the most hearts. Want to know what people like in your shop? That’s a great way to tell! : This is a great site for checking out popular sellers, who sells what, what sells the most. If it sells, its on Craftcount.

Both of these website are also great for advertising, and not pricey.

The Handmade Gift Guide : I met this gal in the forums a year or two back and have loved her site since then. Great for advertising, tutorials, fun pictures and more.

OK this is random, but did you know Etsy has a partnership with FedEx? First of all FedEx is vastly superior to UPS and DHL, but not only that-you get a discount! Its something like 20 or 30% off the published rates. If you have a high value order you might want to consider shipping this way. Here’s where to sign up:

This is funny, but you don’t know how many times a day I use this book mark.  For whatever reason lots of folks find Etsy confusing. My fiance (the smartest person I’ve ever met) took like 30 minutes to make his first purchase. According to him it wasn’t done in a logical manner so he couldn’t comprehend Etsy purchasing (I’m not sure what to say to him about this 🙂 ). SO, here is the official Etsy guide for how to purchase something, I’ve sent this to many a confused customer :

Need to know what’s going on at Etsy? If you’ve never checked out the forums, they’re pretty cool. You can find discussion threads here. Under the “Teams” section there’s also a whole team dedicated to how to photograph your stuff, another dedicated to shop critiques. There are billions of them, surely there’s one for any help you need.


CPSIA: In case you’ve not kept up with it, the CPSIA requires small businesses to jump through all sorts of hoops to make sure your items are safe for children (if they’re meant for children). There’s a huge team on Etsy for it but this is the dedicated website with all the up to date info.

Pinterest: I put this under general business because if you haven’t used Pinterest yet for marketing, you should start. Everybody and their mama is on Pinterest, so if you want to be seen, it makes sense you should be there-right?!

Do you pay taxes? You should! Tax law varies state by state so I can’t comment on that. But the IRS has a pretty helpful site for everything federal. You can find it here. You should also check out your local chamber of commerce. I’ve taken small biz tax classes at mine and thank gawd, the tax code in Colorado is seriously screwed up. The classes were free too so that was a plus. At my chamber of commerce they even have small business advisors whose whole job is to answer your questions-so awesome. Free resources people!

Alrighty, I was a tad over-zealous calling this the big post of links. I’ve posted ten or so and I’m exhausted haha. Its 11:30, I’m goin’ to bed. I’ll post more links for y’all later when I can go through my bookmarks :):):)

Do you feel like this about the business side of having a business?

Don’t worry-we’ll get through it 😉



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