Lovely New Ideas

Easter is coming up soon, and I can tell! Anything pink, yellow or coral is flying out of our shop! We’ve got even more lovely model pictures to show you today-I hope you enjoy!

We’re placing a large 5/8″ elastics order tonight so if you can think of any colors we need that we don’t carry, shoot us a quick email to!

Chocolate, navy, watermelon and fuchsia shabby trim is arriving later this week or early next week. Next week we’ll place another shabby trim order so we’ll restock the out of stock colors then, and hopefully get a few more new ones 🙂

Mirabelle is modeling the Small Sequined Flower  as well as glitter elastic made into a headband.

This is our grouped velvet flower with a skinny 1/8″ headband.

I love this flower, and I’m so glad to finally have a model photo of it-it holds its shape beautifully and is perfect for all year long! Mirabelle is modeling the  Heart Shaped Chiffon Polka Dot Flower. So darling!

This is our Petti Poof in sky blue with the matching 1/8″ headband.

Mirabelle is modeling here a 5/8″ headband with a satin wrapped rosette. This photo is a great way to prove a point. I always tell you guys when we do the shop makeovers that photos make ALL the difference.  BEFORE we had this photo we sold very little of the satin wrapped rosettes. I was surprised, I think they’re darling!  So when we got this photo back, I posted it on the fanpage immediately-and we sold nearly half our stock of wrapped rosettes overnight!

That just goes to show you! In your own shop you need to make it VERY clear what your item is for and how it can be used-it will help people decide to purchase from you 🙂

Moving on to another topic, we haven’t done a shop before/after in about a month. Anyone need a makeover? If you do comment on this blog, on the fanpage or email me! We’ll get started ASAP 🙂

Need any more inspiration? Have you checked out our Pinterest page yet?


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