My Dream Office, and Pinterest

If you haven’t become obsessed with Pinterest yet-you should. Seriously its the best website ever. I think I planned my whole wedding on that thing.  There are days when I just can’t seem to get moving despite two cups of coffee-that’s today. So be prepared for a post that will not help you at all in your business ventures. It’ll just be pretty.

My dream office, images all found on pinterest on my board (sources there as well). Actually now that I think about it, this can be useful. I have inspirations boards up there for ideas of what you can do with our products. So there!

Love this idea for handling small extra pieces of fabric.




I can just imagine all my girlfriends and I throwing ridiculous crafting parties in there. And making awesome stuff to sell on Etsy. And drinking margaritas. No boys allowed!


I’m obsessed with Martha Stewart’s crafty furniture line. I’d kill for this whole green collection to be in my basement. It has such a sweet polished look.  I can just imagine how much more successful and happy I’d be if I had this furniture, in green.


Oh wait, I did this one! See my filing cabinet redo here.


{ Sigh } Now that I’ve dreamed up a ridiculously amazing home office which I do NOT have space or time or money for, I better get to work. Dangit I really want that Martha Stewart furniture set…….

Happy crafting y’all!





3 thoughts on “My Dream Office, and Pinterest

  1. I joined interest and I’m still not sure how to work it …well, at least not 100% yet! lol I showed it to my husband..he’s pretty savvy but this time, he just turned around and walked away hahaha

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